Customer Letters

What some of our customers have written

“I have been using your scripts for a few years now. LOVE THEM!!!!!! Last year did Jester the Body. . . Year before, Handel and Gretzky. . . absolutely HILARIOUS!!”
R.B. of Michigan

“Let me congratulate you for a magnificent script! We used ‘Fools Fall in Love’ this past year and it was a smash! The audience loved it as did the Madrigal Singers and the cast. Kudos.”
C.R. of Illinois

“I loved the ‘Mertonsire’ script–so did the kids and the audience.”
V.H. of New Mexico

“We have done these scripts for 15 years. They are terrific.”
R.P. California

“I want to thank you for recommending the script Little Fools Fall in Love. We performed the madrigal dinner last night and it was an incredible success!”
B.H. of South Carolina

“WOW!!! We just finished our first Madrigal Dinner production of Jester the Body, and it was a huge success.”
R.B. of Washington

“I have been using Knight-Shtick scripts for the past seven years and our audience has grown from one evening with an audience of 175 to four performances serving well over 700. The madrigal feasts have also been integral to the growth of our program from 75 students in the choral program to 280. THANK YOU KNIGHT-SHTICK!”
T.H. of California

“This will be our 9th year performing the Madrigal Dinner and its popularity is stronger than ever. Over that 9 years, our school’s ethnic diversity has changed considerably. When we started, our school was at 20% diversity. We are now at 85% diversity. The most awesome thing, though, is that the Madrigal Dinner and it’s traditions are loved by one and all. It is strongly supported by our students and our community. What an awesome feeling for these kids to feel like ROYALTY! We thank you for giving us that opportunity.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank you for making us laugh throughout the years. We are in your debt for helping to shape our sense of humor, our time with family, our newest traditions, and our ability to celebrate the Christmas Season in public school. Many lives have been so positively affected by your work. With sincere appreciation,”
A.C. of Georgia

“This is a long time coming. We did Noah and Joan of Ark last year. What a hilarious show. We rigged the angel up on one of those garden swing thingys and he was suspended with wires, and rolled around on stage with the help of some servants.. Again, you both are the BEST! No one compares. I bought some new scripts from another “madrigal site” this year, just to check it out. Well, I was let down. You guys are by far, the best in the market!”
K.C. Michigan

“Thanks so much, Paul. We appreciate your great scripts with all the trimmings. Having all the writing done sure makes life easier! And to receive it in a word doc is even better! Thanks again and enjoy your summer!”
D.V. Wisconsin

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate the service of providing it as a word file–it will save me a lot of retyping time as I insert my students’ names into the script. I do love your scripts–thank you!”
L.R. Illinois

“Good afternoon! I wanted to share with you our success performing one of your madrigal dinners! Your book and script really inspired me to perform a madrigal feast at school last week. Let me tell you….I have the “popular” athlete boys in my drama classes and they had the best time doing this! We sold out of food and seating room and performed to a standing room only crowd. It went so well that we started 40 minutes LATE!

Thank you times a thousand for your guidance. We will be hosting the 2nd annual madrigal feast in December 2010 for certain! THIS WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!”
S.W. Mississippi