The price paid for each script ($135) includes the royalty payment for an unlimited number performances by your organization. It also includes the permission to duplicate the necessary number of scripts for your performances.

Important! Because of the duplication privileges, perusal copies will not be sent. Upon receipt of your order, a non-returnable single copy of the script will be sent for you to duplicate as needed.

All scripts can be sent via email as Microsoft Word format or a PDF format. In addition to these two methods we can also send the scripts first class mail or overnight mail. Postage and handling for sending the scripts are as follows:

  • First Class mail is $9.00
  • Overnight mail is $29.00
  • Email, either Microsoft Word format of PDF, is $4.00

An invoice will be enclosed with the script unless we are instructed to send it separately to your business office for payment. Please bring the invoice to the person responsible for payment. We are a small company and rely on your cooperation in this matter. Thanks.

We welcome telephone orders. If your organization requires a purchase order, please include the purchase order number. If greeted by an answering machine, read the information very clearly to the machine. (Please spell names; our machine is from Minnesota and, although it’s “Minnesota Nice,” it doesn’t understand any dialects south of Iowa.) Your order will be processed promptly.

Sorry, but we do not accept credit cards. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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Order five scripts and pay for only four!

The total cost for the five scripts is $540 plus postage and handling. To order you Madrigal Dinner script(s), you may order using the online form, or choose from the options below:

  • By Telephone, call us at 218-586-2270
  • By FAX, send your requests to 218-751-7210
  • Mail:
      BOX 814